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WTF!!! How about I'm a human being WHAT ARE YOU?!?! I don't even know what to say other than I am so sorry this happens to you and FUCK EVERYONE who ever says it to you. People, especially white people, seem to believe they have a right to say whatever they want to whomever they want, whenever they want.

I will NEVER EVER understand what the fuck is wrong with people that they have absolutely no filter with regard to dealing with other human beings.

I am physically disabled and people ask me all of the time "what's wrong with you?" or
"what did you do to yourself?" or "what happened to you?" (the least offensive question) and I never have a good comeback because I am always so flabbergasted at people's invasive and rude behavior.

Maybe our paths will cross one day and we can smile at each other.


You're really digging for something to be insulted about. Waaa! I'm a dark skinned white person! I get none of the stigmas that come from actually being brown, but the benefits of people thinking I'm exotic... boo hoo!

I've been getting asked this question my whole life and I kind of like it. I grew up near a reservation and people thought I was native. People in Italy spoke Italian to me. People in Spain spoke Spanish to me. Arabs think I might be Arab. You fit in everywhere. It's a blessing. Quit bitching about it. As for people asking about it. They are curious. So, what. They probably are jealous or think you're attractive. Quit digging for something to be insulted about.


I’m sure they still view you as human. It’s just nature al curiosity. Is there phrasing that you would prefer?


Typo. Natural

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