Wow, so are other people really not seeing through the bullshit words of Hood to Coast founder Dan Floyd? He said "It doesn't matter—however that team feels is what matters." He also said "If the women don't feel like they were treated well, that's inappropriate on our part." It doesn't take a special pair of misogyny-detecting goggles to see through these statements. How do you think that a backwoods right-wing Trump supporter feels upon reading these statements?? Exactly. That is his real audience and I'm sure that his words had the intended effect and created a good deal of anger. Probably even had that effect in some supposedly liberal dudes who are repressing their own misogyny rather than dealing with it consciously. This is a game and if you felt a sense of "justice" upon reading his words you are being played. I say that the ladies (70% of the participants) should pull the plug and create their own magnificent relay and stop supporting these asshats. Jesus. I'm so sick of this shit.