You're a portly gentlemen, no shame in that, and you routinely bring your bright orange bike onto the Max line with your helmet tightly strapped on. The thing is, you never, ever, I mean ever, put your bike up on the hanging rake, even when they are always open and free to use. You use your large frame (not the bike), and your bicycle to block the standing area, and entrance door for every other commuter for your 3 stops over the bridge. So when I saw you racing your bike to get on the max so you can once again avoid actually having to just ride over the bridge, I smiled gleefully, as the look of anguish and realization that today was the day you'd actually have to ride your goddamn bike over the bridge. Hey, maybe this will be a trend and you'll actually put that bike to use instead of being an obstacle for all us max riders. Here's to hoping you miss a lot more max rides, buddy.

P.S. Hang your fucking bike we are all judging your no bike riding ass.