I’m puzzled that you’re outraged by Nike hiring Kapernick as a spokesman. You’re so outraged you’re burning your property. That’s your right of course. He’s exercising his lawfully protected free speech, and you have your right as consumers to be outraged, and to burn your Nike gear. Just burn it.
But I wonder why you didn’t burn your gear when Nike’s male execs were sexually harassing your wives, and girlfriends, and mothers, and daughters. When the females in your lives were being felt up, and underpaid, and subjected to vulgar locker-room humor by the bros. They are being sued for that, and will lose, and pay out millions as that is unlawful. Just pay it.
I wonder why you aren’t outraged that Nike uses overseas sweatshop slave labor to make shoes for pennies that they then sell here for $200. Couldn’t those shoes be made in Oregon counties where per capita income and thus the resulting poverty is comparable to rural Appalachia? Couldn’t they pay family wages in those places and still sell their $200 dollar shoes? Just ignore it.
How about Uncle Phil donating $1.5million to the GOP campaign for Oregon governor? That’s the same GOP that granted him and other zillionaires huge tax breaks. This is after he bought an Oregon university and plastered his brand all over it. Just buy it.

I guess you’re not furious over any of those things but you go ahead and light up your Nikes over the viewpoint of a second-string quarterback, and live with your conscience and your pick-and chose moral outrage. Just burn it.