Seriously, wtf. Why are you living here, it's racist as hell, bougie asf, expensive and you all have a major martyr complex. I've lived in NY, Maine, NC, Oregon and now Detroit Michigan. Yes, Detroit a beautiful, diverse, affordable city in a state that was just last year voted best in the USA. Your all piling into your horrid, homeless hating city barely able to pay rent. Leave, it's not that hard, just leave. Move to Detroit, stop thinking hipsters are cool, stop barely scraping by in life and your constant complaints about the cost of living and ditch out before it gets worse. I own my house outright, no mortgage 3 bed 2 bath, you all need to make almost $22 an hour to afford a studio apartment...Also stop harassing homeless people, damn. It's ridiculously disgusting and makes you all look like shits. I'm thrilled i left portland, you can be that excited too