Why do you still live here, really?



I'm thrilled you left Portland, too!


You can really hear us complaining about you all the way from Detroit?




Posted on a Tuesday at 2pm. You miss it here and called in sick to prove it


Come December, your smug attitude will turn into ice cold regret.


So you reacted to this city's gentrification by gentrifying another city. Really showed us.


Hey Hart Noecker- no one misses you.


I've lived here my whole life outside of a few years that my wife went to graduate school and I accompanied her. I could probably post an essay on my feelings about this, but I'll save it. What I would like to ask the community is why do you get so upset when people present the idea that things might be better somewhere else? Why the aggressive responses or lack of acknowledgement? Do you really think Portland is unique, or are you just very hopeful that everything will blow over and go back to the way you remember it was in the 90's or 80's, etc?


Doomtown, IA was not trying to mend or improve anything. IA is damned glad to be out of town, a town that is no better or worse than any other town, and we're damned glad IA has found happiness. Sorry for the delusions of Brownstein and Armisen, but stupidity and blind privilege run rampant through white America. It's not a regional problem sequestered here in Portland.


" why do you get so upset when people present the idea that things might be better somewhere else?"

That's...not at all what the I/A rant was, Doomie. Here are a couple of helpful direct quotes:

"you all have a major martyr complex."

"stop thinking hipsters are cool"

"stop barely scraping by in life and your constant complaints about the cost of living"

"It's ridiculously disgusting and makes you all look like shits"

Does that read like "present[ing] the idea that things might be better somewhere else" to you? Because it reads to me like some loser fuck who couldn't hack it in any non-shithole city ranting angrily about the people who live here in Portland, not enchanting us with florid prose about the benefits of another locale.