Horrible Parents



As a parent I agree with this post. These parents are not doing right by their kids, let alone the public. When you are with your young child pay, attention to your child. Engage them and enjoy their cute remarks. Bring a coloring book. Checking out with a small screen lets the world know that you don't love your kids as much as you should. I hope the restaurant bans the parents- they need a strong message that their parenting is inconsiderate and stressful to adults and damaging and neglectful towards their most vulnerable victims- their own kids.


Bless them for speaking up though, even if they shouldn't have to. Your hands are usually tied when you're at work. Bless the people who speak up for the workers.


These parents today... ammiright folks?!?


Seriously though... if even this was half as bad as you say it was. Fuck em'... OUT! GET OUT!


The parents on their phones!!! It should never happen while parents are with their kids. As suggested above, engage the hapless children you have brought into this world as if you care about them or regard them as intrinsically interesting BECAUSE NOBODY BUT YOU CAN HELP THEM OR BRING THEM ALONG. Teachers, pastors, neighbors, extended family: our hands are tied. Mom and dad are all these little ones have. It's a bitch when parents can't be here now.


The entire point of eating out a restaurant WITH children is to socialize your children. That means you pay attention to them, teach them how to behave properly, and make clear what is NOT acceptable behavior. If the children do not behave, you leave. This is what decent people do. Children will misbehave and children will need to be directed and each child will learn in different ways, but they will learn. All of this is how we grow people who know how to participate in society.

The problem today is that there are WAY TOO MANY HUMAN BEINGS who are breeding who have no interest in actually being parents, teaching their children, taking responsibility, or GETTING OFF THEIR MOTHERFUCKING PHONES. Another problem today is that there are way too many so-called adults who do not know how to behave properly or have basic skills for participating in a society with other people themselves, so they can't be any kind of example of how to behave properly for children.

People need to pull their heads out of their asses and remember that OTHER PEOPLE EXIST and they also need to STOP BREEDING!!! Children, whether you have them or not, are always watching and absorbing information by watching other human beings. We are all responsible (including the guy who screamed at the parents about paying their bill if they'd take their fucking kids and leave - which I guarantee has more of an impact on the kids than the pretending to be mortified parents).


Okay I read it again. The man did not scream at the parents. I apologize for my mistake. He swore at them.

I do, however, believe in the responsibility of all when it comes to children. I would have intervened with parents at the restaurant, I don't care about them being offended and i would not have offered to pay their bill if the left or sworn at them for their oblivion and purposeful refusal to pay attention to their children.

We live in a society that is wholly ME based and that is why we have so many problems. People should care about other people and their existence and children are an extremely vulnerable and innocent population (they did not CHOOSE to be brought into this world). And I do not have children. I still believe we all bear a collective responsibility. An extreme example: if I saw a parent beating their child I would intervene. In fact, I have and I would again. As a teenager I heard my next door neighbor throwing his child against the wall and her screaming. I called the police.

I have also intervened when I saw a man punching his wife, who when told by me that I thought he should stop because she was crying and I didn't think she liked it said "she's my wife and I will do whatever the fuck I want." I stepped off the train, informed the cops on the platform, and they took over from there.

In less extremes I am talking about simply behaving decently when children are present. It's an opinion I have and it's clear that plenty of people do not agree. Oh well. That's why it's called an opinion. Children watch and learn from everyone and everything around them - that includes things like tolerance and acceptance of people different from them or racist, hateful, homophobic behavior; kindness, caring, and calmness or cruelty, apathy, and chaos; etc.

Don't want to be around children that behave like animals because no adults in their life have ever bothered to model appropriate behavior? They're not going to disappear or magically learn how to behave unless someone, whoever that may be, intervenes.

ALL people in general, especially so-called adults need to pull their heads out of their asses and recognize that OTHER PEOPLE EXIST. If you have no interest in behaving decently, then please move to a hut in the woods where other people don't have to interact with you. This is a society where there are basic and I mean BASIC rules of behavior that are expected of anyone participating in society.


Yeah, okay, Mame, who joined the commenting community 5 minutes ago and has posted a handful of comments. I'll live my life while you troll. Why do you care what I do? How does it affect you in any way? Oh right! IT DOESN'T. Again other people exist. You can be as angry and nasty about that as you please, but it doesn't change it. Personally attacking me isn't going to change my behavior - not how I feel about things orhow I respond to things here on this forum. It's unfortunate that no one intervened when you were a child, you clearly need behavioral training.


OMG you are bat shit insane. REPORTED.


Everyone here is ignoring the fact that the OP is using disgusting terms to describe the children. Stop blaming the children! I know that anti-breeders think all humans should stop procreating, but referring to babies as unswallowed jizz is a bit insensitive. Stick with "watch your fucking children".


TA I playfully except your witty jib old chum. We do get some sassy whippersnappers around here indeed!

However people that come on here and regularly say sick and twisted things about children as they are trying to learn how to cope with an adult world are deeply fucking fucked in the head.


"Vomit inducing offspring" automatically made me tune out to everything else this I/A had to say. They're kids, shitbag.


I sat through a musical where I paid $$$ for our seats only to have some obnoxious six or seven year old girl constantly make a commotion while her mother did NOTHING. Fortunately, the music was loud in parts so I didn’t have to hear her. I would have said she was too young for the performance, but I saw another little girl about her same age very much engaged and behaving appropriately at the performance. I debated about saying something, but knew my saying something would cause a bigger disturbance than the little girl was causing. I am glad the man in the restaurant spoke up.


Wait a minute, somebody just gave the parents a piece of their mind and DIDN'T tape the whole incident on their cellphone, then post it to "shame" them until it went viral and then apologized when the death threats came in to the parents, by offering a lukewarm apology that "I never intended that to happen," which then led to a series of commentary videos by various self-appointed experts on everything from child-rearing to social media shaming? What is this, 1996 or something?