It’s mainly because you’re unintelligent. I know, I know, you went to college and learned some stuff about how evil capitalism is and washed it down with a healthy swig of intersectional theory koolaid, but you’re just parroting an ideology that you like because it allows you to feel morally just at the same time you get to be incredibly lazy. Also, college is the new adult kindergarten. We are loaning you money that you can’t pay back to get a diploma that qualifies you for a job that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s harder to get into the armed forces than college.

The other reason you’re a socialist is that you don’t know how to play the game of capitalism. You may not even know that it’s a game. You love the results of the game ie. good restaurants, well made clothing, good movies...and there’s probably an understanding that those things take a lifelong effort for mastery, a creative element, a risk v reward calculation, and tons of hard work. That’s called capitalism. Ask any small business owner who works for themselves if they want to forfeit their hard work, risk, and ideas to you. They don’t. So socialism is the idea that you get to steal those efforts from them and give them to yourself.

If you’re smart, you’ll drop the attempt at securing the moral high ground with this antiquated, brutally murderous relic from the 1900’s and answer it more beneficial to society to create (through your own effort) self sustainability, contribution (monetarily through taxes) to community, and possibly employment and livelihood for fellow citizens? Or are you just gonna sit on that couch and keep demanding free stuff cuz it’s a human right?