This is why you’re a “socialist”



Persuasive essays are more than comical mischaracterizations of your targets. This read to me like a loquacious way to say "I'm a bad listener."


Good comment, Asshole! I just came here to tell IA to shut the fuck UP.


Tell me why socialism in Sweden and many European countries is so bad?

I'm always amazed that people can lecture and lecture about things they only have a slight knowledge about.


Yup, you are indeed a douchebag. This is not an issue of people wanting "free stuff". Every other Civilized Nation in the world has free healthcare and education just like police, fire department and infrastructure funding. They have longer life expectancies, lower infant mortality rates, less drug addiction and lower unemployment. They are more gainfully employed and take longer vacations. If you can't understand this simple fact then you are the one who is poorly educated and parroting cookie cutter talking points.


Oh yeah and one more thing, YOU'RE LAZY.


capitalism might be a wonderful system. we really should try it. sadly, the separation of risk and reward in our economy-- bank bail outs, rescue of gm, chrysler, aig etc.-- has resulted in an economy in which the biggest players are insulated from the consequences of their bad decisions while reaping the gains from their good ones.
that's not real capitalism. it's socialism for the powerful and brutal free market capitalism for the rest of us. if our economy was truly capitalistic, goldman, chase, wells fargo, gm, chrysler, aig and many other big players would be stinking corpses.


A new type of poverty.
Poor through no fault of their own, one emergency situation away from being homeless, yet characterized as though they were unskilled or lazy.
Everyone is entitled to a fair living. If you think otherwise, you're the problem.
Our economy currently depends on slave labor which pads the wallets of those whose ability to sympathize has been stunted by the illusion of "hard work", and already have more than they could ever need. They are not entitled to hoarding all of that money.
It's not about helping yourself at this point; you people are simply trying to keep money out of the hands of people who work harder than you do. Your superiority complex only exists so long as the income gap exists.
This is already affecting the economy. People simply don't want to be slaves anymore.
If they don't pay at least $17/hr, they won't fill the position with anyone who will stay. I swear to god if I hear someone derogatorily refer to slave wage workers as "burger flippers," I'm knocking the drinks out of their hands, and saying "fuck you, yuppie scumbags."


^^What an appropriate screen name...'cause you're giving us a lotta dung.


That was for #8, not you, Arrested...


Um, 7, not 8.


Because unfettered capitalism is so much better for us? Fuck that bullshit! Fascism = Corporate Socialism, just remember that as our government continues down THAT path.


I am a socialist AND a small business owner. Gasp! And I didn’t go to college so I must have been brainwashed somewhere else. Wait, no. My family are all Republican Christians so I MUST just be rebelling like some kind of teenager because your theory is based solely on the idea that all people with a differing political stance than you fall under one characature of a person. We’re not all the rich kid stereotype you like to hide your selfishness behind. Some of us just believe in something different and that’s OK. Capitalism AND socialism have done big things for the country and the world. I can appreciate it while still believing that capitalism isn’t the driving force of society. We need balance, dude, and diversity. In our society and our politics. I’m so sick of this I’m right, you’re wrong, so that means I’m a better person than you and you don’t deserve to be seen or heard. That’s why socialists don’t take your garbage hate speech because we believe in treating people like human fucking beings. Radical, I know.


Dunghead: All governments are socialist to some extent. Do you own a car? Do you drive on roads built and owned by private corporations? Or on socialistic roads built by governments?

By the way, Denmark has free and universal access to healthcare.