I am angry



Hows it feel to be sucked into the nations hit reality TV show?

This shit doesn't affect you no more than Blues Clues affected me when the shit got cancelled. Now go live your fucking life.


^^^ Says some guy who is probably white and will never have to worry about any of his rights being taken away when the shit stains who led yesterday's angry white men yelling circus get the conservative lackey (beholden to them) on the SCOTUS. I could be wrong but am I?

Are you a white male (born with a penis, identifies as heterosexual)?

Will you ever be questioned in any way as to whether you "belong" in this country?

Are you a citizen?

Are you entitled to vote?

Are you able to obtain an abortion to end an unwanted pregnancy (if you are female and have the ability to become pregnant)?

Are you able to love who you want to love and marry them and adopt children with them if you choose to do so? (Assuming you are not heterosexual)

Will you still have all of your rights and be able to walk through the world and do whatever you want to do once they have achieved what they are trying to achieve?

The only people who will NOT be affected are men (ones born with penises, who are heterosexual). White women believe their whiteness will be enough, but they are wrong.

So, if you're a white heterosexual guy telling someone else this shit doesn't affect them, you're wrong. And if you are NOT a white heterosexual guy telling someone else this shit doesn't affect them, you're in for a big surprise when it affects you and millions of other people.


@4 No I'm just making it clear that trans men are not included in the "none of this will affect me" group. There are a lot of teenage girls coming out as trans these days who believe boys have it better (gee where did they get that idea?), but they don't seem to get that it's only a boys club for the boys BORN boys and who are heterosexual.

I do good deeds (when I can).

I go outside (when I can). It isn't easy.

I can't a get job or live my life (not the way I want to) thanks to ALS. Though I did live my life, in east and west coast cities and had jobs for all of the life I lived prior to my diagnosis. I did most of the things I wanted to do in my life, though I never go to travel outside of this country and that I truly regret. I was living in NYC on 9/11 and had gotten my passport a month prior. After 9/11 I moved to the west coast instead of going to Europe. C'est la vie.

I will not be fine. I'll be dead, much sooner than I should be. Such is life, right? Some people get a shit sandwich. However, I will suck down prescription drugs (thanks to Oregon's death with dignity law) and die my way, at a time of my choosing, before I die a truly horrific death at the hands of ALS. If you want to see what death by ALS looks like, watch the videos of the Often Awesome Army and the life of the man and musician ALS took. He was 26 when he was diagnosed and was dead in 5 years. You will never be able to un-see it. Everyone should be forced to watch it.

And I guess then I'll be free - because I won't actually have to ever see what happens.
And yet I actually do give a shit about everyone left behind because that's who I am and why I am the way I am. Other people exist. Life is not a white or male privilege. What is happening now matters.

But you go ahead and relax.


Permission to chill: granted.