Now we here!
I finally got an honest-to-goodness career job. It's for a major tech company, so there's room for moving up and over to other departments depending on interest and aptitude. I've never had a job that actually valued their employees before. I excelled at previous jobs because other people are generally lazy, and I have a tendency to pick up slack.
I started my own business after college, but that wasn't financially viable after a few years; It also took up all of my time. I gave it up, and started doing minimum wage jobs again. It seemed like each job was worse than the last.
In order:
1. Print delivery: Passively racist owners.
Reason for leaving (besides racism): When asking for a raise after a year, they strung me along for two weeks, then made their counter offer: NOTHING. I finished out the day and never went back.
2. Pizza delivery: Nice owner, but broke AF and used a vintage clock puncher. I had to take pictures of my time cards every shift just to make sure I wasn't shorted. Didn't make me report my cash tips, though.
Reason for leaving: Had to fly pies during snow storm, car got wrecked from sliding down a hill uncontrollably. It was superficial damage; I crunched the numbers. It would have taken me a month in wages & tips just to break even. I had to tell the owner that I couldn't work there anymore, at which point he cold-shouldered me.
3. Call center: Decent coworkers, but terribly unprofessional environment
Reason for leaving: Was passed over for a promotion due to their "system" of randomly selecting people after 90 days.
4. Current job, which I've actually yet to start.

(Continued in next post)