Between 3 and 4, I self-studied all sorts of tech and IT, and didn't see friends. I still don't. I constantly work on improving my skills, and do pretty much nothing else now. It's been a very productive few years, but lonely.

These were my circumstances, and I worked with them. I didn't always take it in stride, but I made it through with only about a dozen depressive meltdowns.

My point:
I am not going to forget about those shitty jobs and the people who work them. I never had a problem with coworkers, just the bosses or owners. Minimum wage employees have just as much a right to a living wage as I do, but somehow people have this idea that once you get a good job, you have to look down on everyone else. I don't have a superiority complex. I suspect at this new job, there will be those who've never worked a slave wage job, and likely have a poor view. I don't know if I'll be able to keep quiet.

Some of us come from very little, and it's not your place to essentially tell people they don't deserve to live, suggesting that they have made poor choices. Most of the time it has nothing to do with that. Furthermore, these people do work that is physically more demanding than some office job.

Everyone deserves to have a wage commensurate to the cost of living. If that causes prices to go up at retail stores and restaurants, so be it. People need to be able to eat and pay rent. Once those two basics are met, you can put the onus on them. Until then, shut the fuck up.