Started From the Bottom (Part 2...)



Congrats, OP!
I'm glad to see the humility move up with you. This IA is a rare example of someone with a good head on their shoulders, yet doesn't view themselves as superior.
You're doing well, keep up the momentum!


Dung: if everyone knuckled down and learned all those high tech skills, do you know how much those workers would be paid? Not much more than minimum wage. You may have contempt for people who clean toilets for a living, but if they weren't providing that service, good luck finding a place to squat and do your business.

"They will resent you for your success"? Only if you rub their faces in it, which maybe is why they don't like you.


"somehow people have this idea that once you get a good job, you have to look down on everyone else. I don't have a superiority complex. I suspect at this new job, there will be those who've never worked a slave wage job, and likely have a poor view. I don't know if I'll be able to keep quiet."

So now that you have this good job, you're going to look down on all your co-workers...

And you don't have a superiority complex, but you're not going to be able to keep quiet about how morally superior you are to your coworkers...

I'm...not sure you really thought any of this through before typing it out, I/A. But congrats on the new and better job, I guess? Don't forget about your friends and the little people. Actually, you won't have to forget, they'll be looking to you to cover the difference in the restaurant tab after everyone swears they put in what they owe, or to be the one to call the Uber and they'll "get you back later"...


Dunghill: we really like ourselves, don't we?