Cheap Ass Cone Lickers



Pretty sure that's what your paycheck is for and I've scooped ice cream as a job in my life. You get paid to scoop ice cream. Demanding that you get tipped for doing your job is ridiculous.


"Ass cones" sound... not so great.


Nah. I agree with OP. Portland service industry folks bust their butts for us on the reg. It doesn't have anything to do with lack of motivation to want to work in an ice cream store. Thats just shaming OP for choosing this profession. Hell, I'm a bartender and choose to be because I love it and I love the tips, not because I am not self aware. Do you have to tip? No. Shoukd you? Yes. Throwing some change at the scoopers is the same as your barista, bartender, waiter, hairdresser, etc. Don't be cheap. But OP, dont expect it from every oerson. Some are cool, some are not.


Whoa whoa whoa...are we all just looking past the last few sentences here? Some guy put a 20 spot in your tip jar in front if his friends and then removed it when they werent looking? What kind of messed up shit is that? Trashy douchebro who likes to pretend he's wealthy and a swell kind of guy for helping the service folk. If anyone needs to get defeated here, it's that guy.


Looks like you have two options: Raise the price (so they're just ass cone lickers), or sell a different kind of cone.