Dear Lady who chose me to vent your spleen at about the shitty "iconic" Portland business that I work at: You say that your issues with the biz started 14 years ago, when you began patronizing this place. I've only been here for two of those years. What you don't seem to grasp is that I HAVE NO POWER TO CHANGE ANYTHING at this place. You want me to "sit down with my co-workers" and explain to them why they should behave as you wish them to behave? Lady, I am one of the lowest paid people in the entire company! I am a middle-aged person, like yourself, and I only work here to get health insurance. If you think management or my coworkers are gonna gather 'round and think hard about what I have to say, you are mistaken. If you think that I can somehow convey your grievances to anyone, you are dreaming. You don't feel appreciated for shopping here? Try working here. I get disrespect from my co-workers, my 20-something supervisors, from the numb-nuts at HQ, but especially from the endless lines of entitled boomers like you who shop here. I offered, repeatedly, to call a manager to address your issues, but you refused to speak to them. I saw you checking the fucking name-tag over and over, so that you'll be able to complain about me, specifically, when your whole bitch seemed to be that you've shopped here for 14 years, long before I worked here, and have been treated badly for ALL14 years. Yeah, I'm the problem here. How 'bout you try Market of Choice for awhile?