Kavanaugh: Trump's Scumbag



Yeah they don't care. Thousands of law professionals said not to appoint him. Hundreds of thousands of Americans said do not appoint him. Kavanaugh repeatedly committed perjury about so many things that are easily proven as him having lied even if the attempted rape and other accusations against him were never even considered. They literally just told most of the country that they don't matter and that the GOP does give one fuck about the rule of law or how our government is supposed to function (which to be fair on that last point they have been quite clear in the last 2 decades, if not since 1980).

They believe this is their chance and they believe they are going to destroy every single bit of progress made by this country in the last 100 years, because they want to make damn sure that no one, not one of us without white skin and a penis ever have anything ever again. They want to cement white male supremacy as the sole standing legacy of this country. And they have proven just how far they are willing to go to do it.

The question is, will they get away it? I'd like to believe not, but given everything that's happened between 45 in the WH and now this appointment, who knows?! I know I'll be long dead before any of us really know. For that I'm actually grateful.

I do believe, whatever happens, they better be careful what they wish for and what they do.

They are seriously short term thinkers (as are those who vote for them). Everything they want to do could backfire spectacularly in their faces and make them all run for the hills when they come to terms with the fact that they have no one to blame but themselves.

The world they believe they want and idealize is in no way sustainable or even at all practical. I mean imagine right now if they could magically remove every single non-white, non-heterosexual, non-wealthy, non-male person (with the conservative white women kept around to breed) from this country right now. What would that country look like? Do they really believe it would be anything like they want it to be?

I mean if the only people that exist are the wealthy elite, who does all the work? Sure as shit not those motherfuckers. No way. And all the white people left who aren't the wealthy elite, well they are going to rebel really quickly at having to do all the work they deem beneath them because they're all just the wealthy elite waiting to happen.

Or are they going to bring back chattel slavery? Seriously.

The levels of hate, ignorance, and above all, delusion, are so astronomical it's incomprehensible (to me, anyway).

Good luck motherfuckers. I hope the reckoning comes sooner rather than later.


@2 You and I will never see the world the same. I live in a reality you will never comprehend and your delusional fantasy land is abhorrent to me.

And it's always the same old tired diatribe with your ilk - name calling, insulting, cherry picking your own version of reality (those tax cuts will never be made permanent because they only reason they were made in the first place was to placate the idiots so they could transfer an immense amount of wealth to the already obscenely wealthy - to the tune of adding $1.5 TRILLION to the deficit), not understanding that Amazon raising their hourly wage while taking away stock options and benefits actually means their employees are now earning significantly less, and all of the business friendly cuts as you call them to regulations (like allowing asbestos and exposure to radiation to be acceptable and the gutting of the EPA and labor laws and so many other regulations) will leave you (if you live that long) or the next generations in a country poisoned from coast to coast (air, land, and water). Telling me I am ignorant while in total and complete delusional unawareness of your own ignorance and your belief that as long as you get yours that no harm is being done is repugnant.

Anyone supporting 45 and his regime is a white supremacist and a misogynist (and yes that includes all of the white women who voted for 45 and stand by their white supremacist men who
hate white women as much as they hate all other women - 45's pussy grabbing mentality and what was done to Kavanaugh's accusers are proof positive).

You made it clear that you think you need to humiliate me and make it clear that you are superior and that I am the one who needs help. Your are no different than 45 or Kavanaugh in your lying and gaslighting and mansplaining. Must make you feel like a big man to sit behind your computer and type hateful things, when I am fairly certain if we were face to face you wouldn't have the balls to say anything (OR maybe you are the worst of your ilk and would assault me to teach me a lesson).

in my mind, a world without white people would be the best kind of world. And I say that as a white woman who is sick and fucking tired of white people and their fucking sick sadist bullshit.

Bye Felicia.


@Dungivva: Why didn't you address the many, many lies that Kavanaugh told under oath? What's your well-thought out and insightful opinion on that? Will you deflect without answering? Pivot? Hmmmm????

Also, over 85% of Trump's Tax Cut For The Rich goes to just that: The Rich. The average working class person might get about $12 a paycheck, but with rising costs of gas, groceries...etc, that $12 doesn't make much of a difference, does it? Never mind Trump's idiotic trade war and the soon-to-be-rising costs of all kinds of everyday goods.

Trump was a millionaire by the time he was 8, which means he's lied NUMEROUS times about being a "self-made" man. His daddy gave him around $415 million dollars, not the "small loan" of a million. Trump is the only casino owner to ever bankrupt more than one casino. A CASINO! Where the house is always supposed to win!

Cult 45 members like yourself will make excuse after excuse after excuse for this born-with-a-silver-spoon-up-his-butt, daddy's boy, draft-dodging, sexual assaulting, lying, immature, petty, ignorant, hateful and UGLY failed businessman. You'll HAPPILY drive off the cliff with him all the while muttering, "Make America Great Again" like the blind sheep that you are.


Does anyone remember Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas? Shut the fuck up. Unless you're too young to remember, then just Google it.


@CR I almost always agree with you and I really admire the time and care that you put into your posts. But please be reminded that certain people are not worth getting upset about, and they will certainly never be convinced by logic, because their entire worlds are based on hate and ruled by fear. Keep on writing but don't let them suck you down to their level ❤️


@11 I know. I'm working on it. Thank you.