But, three is my favorite.
Here's 3 thoughts:
Cars turning right or left never stop at the cross walk/stop sign/etc. where it's been designated that that's where they are supposed to stop. Undoubtedly, someone is crossing in the cross walk while the care is anticipating already turning. The cars usually creep out a few feet from the stop with such urgency causing pedestrians to always be on the look out for cars in a mad rush, and/or are blocking the crosswalk. Sometimes, there's the stupid apology wave. Then the car will usually skid out or make the turn immediately when the moment presents itself. All the time!
Unflushed pee in the toilet. Why? Is this to save water? Or are you really that fucking lazy and unaware?
Ridiculous Scooter observations. 2 bros gallivanting on West Burnside, near 20th, going West, during rush hour. Another bro on a major street in the middle lane slowing down every car. Lastly, a homeless dude pretend swinging the scooter at a van. I mean, he had it fully picked up in the air while the van was at a stop light, that had apparently had an altercation with the guy. Fun time scooter times. Good job, ODOT!