Won't someone please think of Helen Lovejoy?



Well, obviously, she's not sleeping; she's lying awake, thinking mean thoughts about you. That's cool. Watch how HRH Meghan Markle handles her madly obsessed half-sister Samantha. MM goes right on wearing fabulous clothes, hobnobbing with friends and the famous, living her best life, and saying absolutely nothing to her tormentors. You should, too, or whatever makes you happy. Dude -- smile and wave at the misbegotten. You are free at last-- enjoy it.


Cassie Mae, I'm afraid I have to question your gender assignments in this situation. I'm pretty sure I,A is a woman (the ex-wife) and that the asshole with the tiny dick is her misogynist ex-husband.

I do love the "live your life, fuck the haters," suggestion, though.


I did think the IA writer was a cisgender male, BUT the technique of rising above torment transcends all of that.


Kick him out of the basement, dumbass. It’s your house.