I thought the American dream was to retire peacefully by moving to a place in the country where work options are limited but Mother Nature is in full effect. You know, relaxing on a porch or fishing, kayaking... the peaceful transition before death.... It sounds amazing! Yet so many people who are retired live in Portland or another urban city. I'm not even talking about retiring in the suburbs. The Boomer approach is never leave! Old people complain about everything. The city moves to fast for them, yet moving is not an option? Damn Boomers please just retire? Boomer = Never forced to learn technology, purchased homes in major cities for a fraction of the cost now, jobs at a grocery store was a decent paying job, worked for the city and started coasting after the 10th year. This is a major reason why home prices are unaffordable. Why wages are stagnant. Why children are cupcake snowflakes. Retire the way retirement was intended. Take your pension (90% of your salary until you die!), sell your home, make the +400k proffit and leave. If you truly care about the future of Portland, leave. You're not contributing to the economy. None of your kids go to the schools so you really don't care how they perform. You vote for things that really don't affect you anymore. Nobody wants to be stuck driving behind you on the road. RETIRE!