I love watching all movies. I'm the same for music. I'm a sponge. It's all good, creative, and inspiring. Except scary movies. Horror scares me.
A lot of times, I'll watch a movie then love the movie, and a certain actor, so I'll want to watch everything that actor is in. I'll watch the first movie the actor is in, then blindly without knowing what the next movie is about, or who's in it, essentially, watch the movie because I feel I'm in the mood, then lo and behold, that same actor is in the movie, coincidentally. It's kind of like how a lot of times I look at the time and it's 420!
2 new movies this year that I just watched, and will withhold the titles to avoid being a spoiler, found me once again feeling strange. One, the main protagonist created a "housekeeper" character to help manage stress. It was only revealed at the end that this character was imaginary. The other movie, up until the end, I thought the male character was totally real, and this couple were struggling to survive, only to find that the male character was made up, and was part of the true story of helping the female survive.
It was an eerie feeling watching both of these movies back to back, and not knowing this element. That was mysterious alone, but what creeps me even more is when people make up other people, like multiple personality, or schizophrenia. That's why I get shivers, I think.