I don't really care for them. I grew up where it was sunny and warm almost year round too. At least there was the Pacific to swim into. Sunshine, I could take or leave it, but sure I like sunshine.
But this is it, this is what's up.
Too many tourists visiting because of the "image" of Portland's weirdness, "chill" laid back vibe, and overall "left, progressive" politics. Yeah, once you know, you know it's all fake, and there are problems.
Goodbye to the "street travelers." Where they came, where they go, no one knows. I don't care. There is a noticeable difference. I once saw online a photograph show in NY with the theme of portraits taken of "train hopping travelers" essentially glorifying them. One comment on one traveler said that guy was a rapist. How cool is that!
And construction. Oh my! They are coming. Building will keep on keeping on. The word is out. And whatever that word is, seems like the whole world is on to it, and is on their way.