Breeder is a Bad Word, Asshole



Breeder is pretty tame when compared to racial slurs people have to live with on a daily basis and as you so eloquently stated, not everyone in the company of children is a breeder. Though, technically, almost all people, regardless of anything other than fertility problems are technically able to procreate.

Since whether or not you are a breeder cannot be determined by your appearance (unless perhaps you are breastfeeding a child or said child or children refer to you as "mommy" or "daddy" or some other similar nomenclature), is breeder really a bad word?


Oh and it was in an IA? Like this is an IA? And you use the word asshole. Hmmm. Yeah. Okay


Christina Rae, I respect your passion but not everything is a competition for space and validation. As a parent, I whole heartedly agree with IA. And it was funny, all I'm looking for in my miniscule free time.


i am the proud parent of 4 children and grandparent of 6. anyone who doesn't like it can kiss my ass.


IA, will you be my Dr?


@3 I have tons of free time. when you're sitting around waiting to die you have time to refllect on the world. i am fascinated by what people post here and what they find compelled to complain about. but if you need me to wait until you've posted a comment before i post anything i will...

oh wait, nope, you can kiss my ass. :)

UNLESS you want to switch places. i would like to be healthy, able to work, have a life outside the confines of my home and the shits how that is the internet. you can totally have all of my free time if i can have your life. deal? no? yes? maybe? here are the things i miss most:
being able to walk
being able to drive
being able to work
being able to live where i want to live
being able to go to concerts and other events
being able to swim
being able to learn new things (like man i wish i had learned how to really play my guitar when i had the chance or why didn't i ever learn how to surf?)
and lots of other things that are too personal for me to post here

i also miss not having to go see doctors, doctors, and more doctors when i have a disease for which there is no treatment and no cure and is slowly and steadily taking everything from me and will until i die or choose to die before it kills me

but please continue to lecture me on how much attention i need and how you and your limited free time are taken up making sure your comments are directed at ME instead of whoever is writing the IA. people on this forum just have to keep focusing on me instead of whatever's been posted by the IA.

oh you know what i don't regret and never will. NEVER BREEDING since i can't imagine bringing a human into this life. human beings are fucking sick, sadistic, nasty animals that take far too much pleasure in harming other humans. so there's that.


oh and PS how does someone who is a parent who has limited free time have any time to comment here on IA? wouldn't want your kids to be suffering due to your taking time out of your day to say something nasty to me.


Woah. I think I was pretty nice. In fact I used the phrase "I respect your passion", something I genuinely meant. You, have chosen to see it as an attack . Perhaps that is why you hate people so much? Everything is a personal attack? Perhaps my children will be the one to cure whatever disease it is you have. Did you just want the human race to die out? I mean. I don't really want to go line by line answer your garbage response. FYI rascism and your disease have zero to do with the post. I just am not seeing the connection. Have a great day.


Yeah, "not everything is a competition for space and validation" is super nice.

I was feeling particularly shitty last night. I really should have just ignored your response.

I do actually want the human race to die out. It will be the best thing that ever happens to this planet. Human beings are the only animals that destroy where they live (foul the nest so to speak only in our case poison it and fill it with trash so it will be uninhabitable by all manner of life) and human beings are the only animals that harm their own for pleasure and do it in an infinite number or ways.

As for ALS, ALS will never be cured. Ever. Billions of dollars has been spent since Lou Gehrig made his "I am the luckiest man speech" and not one bit of progress has been made. Not one. All of the organizations taking people's money would love you to believe that but it is not true. There has not been any movement or understanding in why someone gets ALS (especially if they don't have the hereditary genetic predisposition for it) and they are completely unable to study it (you can't study a human brain when someone is alive and a dead brain is dead, so....).

There are no treatments and there is nothing even close to a cure other than a wish that every person diagnosed desperately clings to as this disease horrifically and predictably takes their life. The one drug they give people supposedly slows progression by 30%.

Oh, but I am a dreamer, aren't I, since I am donating my brain and spinal cord upon my death so they can continue puzzling over what happened and why.

As an aside, I did enjoy how you were called out (in another post) for calling someone a moron by being a moron yourself. I just didn't feel the need to write anything about you or your comment because really, who cares? It's not my job to monitor you.

I just don't get why anyone feels the need to write comments to me. What is the payoff? (that's a rhetorical question, btw, just to be clear).

I will ignore you in the future.

And everyone here knows what have a great day means in passive aggressive. So you have a great day, too. Say HI to kids for me.


Yeah. I'm not gonna read that.


I never read anything she posts.


LOL @ #10. Simply perfect.