Cue Whitney Houston song in 3...2...1...


babies cry because they need to. adults pontificate because they choose to.


I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way...


I would love to thank my neighbors for their excellent parenting. There's no hitting or cruelty. The kids are encouraged to play outside, to create from scraps instead of buying stuff, to solve problems for themselves. I'll never mention this because neighbors are not supposed to be nosey, but I am. I cannot thank you enough. The kids are alright because committed parents have the will and the patience to make it so.


"Please stop ruining I, Anonymous with the pointless child havers versus child haters argument! "

I see what you did there.


thank you foster parents for taking in kids... even though most of you are doing it for tax breaks, extra income, plus your real love is only shared with the biological kids you have with multiple partners.... doesn't matter. You're providing a roof over a kids head and hopefully enough food for them to survive. Thanks


I miss up/down voting on comments..........