Learn how to take a dump correctly, please.



I'm with you. I do not understand how adults have not learned how to go to the bathroom properly, especially in a public restroom. As a disabled person it is worse because it is always the stall someone chooses to use for their extra big dump or whatever gastrointestinal distress they have going on and they leave their shit all over EVERYTHING and being disabled and having no choice but to use that one stall is a particular type of hell. And I have had my share of shit shows and accidents and it is possible to take the time to clean it up.

Before I was ever disabled, however, I was always incredibly appalled at how revolting the women's bathroom stalls were - at work, in restaurants, in concert venues, etc. How do people achieve adulthood without knowing how to use a public toilet? And if it's clogged or overflowing, why do people just walk away and not tell anyone in the establishment who could do something about the problem? It is just one of the things about human beings that I will never understand. Even children know, everybody poops.


It is only cleaned once a week?
There's your problem, right there.
People shit. Sometimes people eat bad things and the shit explodes out and splashes all over the bowl. Shit happens.
You gotta clean that shit more often.


This is hilarious. I once had a roommate who somehow did the same thing, just managed to power spray shit onto the back of the bowl/underside of the seat, and the physics of it just boggle the mind.

And let's all take a moment to pity the poor souls who have to clean this type of stuff up for minimum wage. One of the most thankless jobs there is.