So, you want something done to your house? Say a new bathroom, kitchen, addition, or a fucking ADU? Adjust your expectations, educate yourself, have a plan, have money. Then when you hire a contractor, don't blame them for everything. Its not their fault your house is a piece of crap, that you got or got someone pregnant, or have psychological problems/addictions. When you add work, that equals more time and more money, it never works in reverse. So shut the fuck up about how long its taking - quality takes time you fucking idiot.
Remember one thing, we who work on your homes know how to get into your homes, your schedules, where you hide the key, where you hide your drugs and your other little secrets.
So when you lock us out, fail to pay us, breach our contracts, yelp about our attitude when you think we didn't listen about your new idea to change something we have been working on for months for you, we will try and adjust our rage enough to not let ourselves in and take a shit on your new counters when you are off to your second home in Bend. We think about what we could do to you at every swing of the hammer, just saying.