If you decide to have children, that’s cool. But we who don’t feel it’s our dream to have children should be entitled to our choice, and thus spend our remaining years in yes, a bar, or a museum, or traveling for work or recreation, or educating ourselves, or literally sitting our asses atop of our tight little buttholes doing nothing. How dare anyone, child bearer, impotent, or refuser of reproduction be degraded for the choices we have made. It is a choice. And this is the time in which we should be open to everyone’s path of life. So FUCK YOU if you’re going to live a life of hate towards those whom you have never met but chose to attack specifically. That’s silly, and ridiculous. Be happy for what you have and who you are shaping to be a confident member of the human race. We’re happy for you. Teach your children tolerance and acceptance. Please stop focusing on the people who don’t want kids. We’ll be fine. We’re actually worried about YOU!