I'm on the other end. I cleaned 43 individual toilets and urinals in one day. It's grueling. It's work. It's real. I'm doing hard work that you don't have the audacity to do, is aloof to it, or to lazy to do, even in your own home. I get paid for it. I can be proud. I'm for the underdogs. I appreciate doing the work that you're too ashamed of or think you're above.
But what bothers me is KNOWING it's you. When I know it's you that doesn't flush the toilet of shit and TP because you were rushed or forgot, you are disgusting. When I know it's you that leaves the toilet seat covering on the seat, you're a complete loser for a human. When you miss the garbage can with paper towels then leave it on the ground, you're an ungrateful "adult" with "responsibilities." When your shits stains the inside of the bowl just after I've cleaned it, I say "my fucking god, what a fucking idiot." But okay, I don't expect you to clean it. But when your shit stains on top of the seat, I say, "how in the fucking hell are you a complete imbecile."
You may ask why I don't say hello, or why I don't smile? It's because I'm looking at you. I'm looking at you that's too ignorant to know what you're doing impacts someone other than your precious self. I'm looking at you that all I see is someone completely self absorbed.
Boy oh boy, if they weren't these bathrooms to use, your whole world would be in ruins because you use them 5 times a day. Boy oh boy, if there weren't all this free paper towel to use simply to dry your hands. Yeah, fuck the environment.