I recently saw an inspiring former President's daughter's lecture. Didn't matter what side her Dad was on, it mattered who she was and what she said. Her book would probably change views of the uniformed person who thinks here-say opinions are right over the diaries of actuality. She's a teacher in poor cities and lived in countries of simplicity and poverty. She's inspired so many she's taught. She's met so many hard working people. In her circles, I believe her. She left with a poem, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do, with your one wild and precious life?"
It resonated. I struggle financially, but work harder than most who don't have financial cares at all. In my circles downtown streets, and commutes, who works hard? I don't see it, or should say, I see a little. I certainly don't see anything inspiring on a daily basis. I see everyone just getting by, of the working class. Just do as little as possible to not get fired, but still enough to get a paycheck. Is that hard work? Something takes someone an hour to do takes another person the whole day, or to sit at a desk on the computer on Facebook, is that hard work? Don't get me started on the rest of life I see. These "living dead." "With your one wild and precious life?" There's a downtown homeless man, notorious with a blanket. Is that what his life has come to? How can I change what I see, when this is all I ever seem to see? Life is short so make the most of it when all I see is settling for a facile existence versus a grand one, then waiting around to die.