I have the title for the next one. Transcending consciousness and becoming a beam of light energy is not an achievement....


yeah i don't write IAs, they exist for the passive aggressive. raised on the east coast, i don't suffer from that malady. And honestly this place is boring me to death lately and that's quite a feat given my situation.


"they exist for the passive aggressive. raised on the east coast." Oh, honey... the East Coast doesn't do passive aggression. It does very aggressive aggression. Example: "Your dumb fucking ass would last five minutes on the East Coast."


@6 Actually, I disagree with you. There is a difference between assertiveness and aggression. That's just my personal opinion, though.

Having also lived in Seattle, I witnessed more than my fair share of people from Seattle move to NYC and they ALL moved back. Interestingly, I saw the same amount of people move to Los Angeles and they also, ALL moved back.

The thing people don't do on the east coast is bitch about people moving to their city because they know full well the ones who can't hack it will leave. Meanwhile people in Seattle and Portland bitch endlessly about the people that move to their cities. I just don't get it. Who the fuck cares? It's like the people from Seattle and Portland can't last 5 minutes in their own cities if other people move there and live there. THAT, I won't even pretend to understand.


"Actually, I disagree with you." Are you sure you didn't live in Boston?

Honestly, I agree completely with your point. Boston doesn't seem to care if people ever stay, and is insular enough to keep itself nice and inhospitable. New York is 7 million people and honestly doesn't care who stays and who goes. Philly? Shit, Philly would LOVE IT if some people bought up vacant rowhomes.

Here? It's the first place I've lived where people get sooooo upset about new people moving in. Not about actual gentrification, mind you, but about the mere fact that new apartments are being built and new people are moving in. If Portland was ever actually upset by gentrification, Legacy Hospital, 405 and I-5 wouldn't exist in their current forms.

Portland and Seattle both need to calm down. That same cycle that occurs in other cities occurs here. I've seen people move to Portland from larger cities (including a handful from Chicago) and leave about a year later because it's slower around here than they thought it would be. I've heard Texans and dreaded Californians say they were leaving because they couldn't stand the weather. There ends up being a lot of turnover here after the winter, and it's a combination of overwhelming weather and underwhelming city life.

Portland and Seattle will learn that people cycle out. With Portland's growth rate stunting and those new buildings now piling on the incentives just to get people to move in, I have a feeling they'll figure it out soon enough.

Ah, I remember when I could distinguish assertiveness and active aggression. When you don't see either in common practice for a few years, they start to blend together.


@8 I think you and I are on the same side and somehow that got lost.

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