Anonymous Nov 17, 2018 at 10:58 am



If only your breeder parents had the same attitude!


Porttland Mercury web editors are misogynistic creeps judging by the sewage that gets by their filters.
No one cares whether losers like the OP have babies. No one wants to have sex with them, so problem solved. As for people who dehumanize women with words like "breeder", well they are no better than the Merc's web editors.


Reading this at a bar with a "NO MINORS" sign in bold, red type. I'll allow it.


Breeders are the most vicious.
Besides harming the planet, I mean.
City "growth" and "sprawl" that they like to blame on "people moving here" instead of people squeezing out too many babies everywhere. Traffic. Factory farming, global warming, paving over the land as their diaper-loaders grow up and get on the roads, deforestation, hunger, crime, hostility, water shortages, air pollution, water pollution, landfill, sewage overload, overfishing, loss of ocean life, extinction, carbon dioxide and monoxide levels, cutting of rainforest, epidemic diseases, and now self-righteous mommies thrown in.
And they want us to take shorter showers and buy "green" products to make up for them squeezing out too many little carbon footprints to feed.

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