Plot twist: This person moved here from SoCal.


It's a slow burn but I am slowly transforming "P-town" into "P-tiddy." Keep your ears perked as I am sure it's going to catch fire.


1985 M. F. Shyer Grandpa Ritz & Luscious Lovelies xiv. 81 ‘Oh, wow! Cool beans!’ I whispered.
1992 Spin Nov. 25/2 Your guide to Lollapalooza '92 was cool beans!


No you didn’t. But you might be a gentrifying colonist. So I’m going to hold my fist in the air when I press the submit button — rendering my comment exactly as effective as your meager post.


So you took the first two letters of two words and smashed them together.... I know another - SOMA in San Francisco.... must be brothers.


Classic. I actually bought a little bungalow in North Portland (NoPo, as you scoff) back in June 2000 for a cool 55K. That was before you and the rest of the naked bicyclists moved in and gentrified the sam heck out of the neighborhood. And speaking of chilled beans, I remember having herbal tea at Palio in Ladd's Adds a few months before I moved into my house. I decided to have the cold bean salad special for lunch that day. To my delight, I muttered, "these cool beans are delicious." Wouldn't you know, some dandy warhol looking fool looked up at me and started laughing. I'm assuming the rest is history.

The I started calling Portland 'PDX' Guy

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