Next Door, No More!



And yet when your next door neighbors or strangers in the neighborhood are actually doing things of a criminal nature, like say, making meth, murdering people, or sexually abusing children, all the neighbors have to say is "he was the nicest person, we never saw this coming, it is a total shock, etc."


Nothing destroys neighborliness more than actual neighbors.


I always hear this complaint about ND -- it's practically a cliche and requirement for PDX wokeness to rail against the racist NIMBYs on ND -- and I think man, you all must live in way more interesting neighborhoods than I do, or spend way too much time on there, because this just isn't matching up with my experience. Any time I've gone on there it's just, like, someone selling used furniture or a school fund drive or a church collecting food donations or whatever. And I am in inner PDX, where there is regular petty crime. So I if not here, where?

Occasionally when taking a dump or something and I've already read through all the magazines in the bathroom twice I'll look through the "crime and safety" tab just to find a good read that confirms this bias I've been sold. The best I will find is someone making an angry comment about, say, a homeless person throwing trash around, which then inspires a bunch of predictable woke rebukes about houselessness etc etc, which in turn inspires a bunch of predictable rebukes about it's not about homelessness it's about crime blah blah blah. You can train a bot to write this shit. Maybe someone already did and that's what we're seeing. Yawn.

The more interesting question is why do people feel the need to use ND as an outlet for their paranoia. No doubt some are just shitty people. Fine. But part is also maybe because when crime happens here (car break-ins, or even actual car theft, package theft, even harassment etc.) the police don't do shit about it. As a small example- I've had a few packages stolen, a car break-in, etc. I have cameras that captured high-resolution video of the acts, the perp's faces, even a friggin licence plate number. In all these cases, the PPD didn't even want a photo, just directed me instead to fill out an online form. Like- I am literally handing you incontrovertible evidence- how much easier can I make your fucking job? It's understandable that someone in this position would then post that video to ND, to at least get some validation for their efforts and misfortunes. I haven't done this, because I don't want to confirm anyone's biases or start witch hunts. But I understand why some might, and why that conversation could quickly deteriorate.

Anyway, have a lovely day. x


@DespratelySeekingWokeness: "it's not about homelessness it's about crime " -You got that right, bud. The homeless advocate/liberal extremists always use the talking point, "Homelessness isn't a crime, blah, blah, blah."

I'm always, like, you got that right... but is dealing drugs a crime? Is doing drugs in public a crime? Is defecating out in the open a crime? Is stealing bikes and stripping them a crime? Is creating HUGE piles of trash and debris a crime? I just LOVE how some people actually give the homeless a pass on these crimes... simply because they're homeless.

And the get in front of another all-too-common homeless advocate extremist talking point: No one is saying that ALL homeless engage in these activities. In fact, most homeless are people truly down on their luck and need understanding and a helping hand. But, you cannot group the entirety of homeless people into one group, for some are bad actors in this problem... and they should not be able to skirt the law.


@6 Methinks thou doth protest too much. Nobody said anything about homeless people getting a pass on crime or being allowed to skirt the law.


@Aurelius141: Keep up to date with the news much?

"We are asking the mayor to use discretion again to stop arresting people living on the streets,"

And again, I'm not talking about ALL homeless, just the ones who are bad actors... the druggies, the drunks, the criminals... you know, the people you would LOVE to have living in your neighborhood.

I ask you, what is your suggestion as to what we, as a society, should do with people like this? Just let them live wherever they please? Have them on every street, every neighborhood? Do you have an answer... hmmmm? You're not an evil NIMBY, are you? I mean, you do want these types of people living in your neighborhood... right?

"Police say the RVs are being used for more than shelter: They describe them as drug houses and brothels on wheels, dripping motor oil, strewing used needles or discharging blackwater into storm drains."

"A homeless man accused of attacking an 18-year-old sleeping in the basement of a Northeast Portland home."

"Homeless man accused of attempted rape after entering SE Portland home after midnight"

"A homeless sex offender who failed to register is now accused of kidnapping, raping and sexually abusing a woman in the Portsmouth neighborhood."

"Portland police investigating a stolen car discovered a cache of stolen rifles inside a nearby tent and arrested two homeless men."

"A 16-year old said a homeless man, pretending to be a police officer, broke in his family’s Portland home and threatened him before dumping a bag of trash in his living room."


I listed off crimes that some homeless people have committed (and there's MANY more articles like those, though you'd never hear these stories in the Mercury) and started off by linking to an article where homeless advocates want the police NOT to enforce low-level crimes if you're homeless. And yes, I know the articles I listed are not stories of low-level crimes... I'm just using it as a point that not only do SOME homeless commit such low-level crimes, but also do things that are much worse.

I'm not anti-homeless, I'm anti-anyone who commits crimes, and pro-you shouldn't get a pass if you are homeless.

What do you think should be done to people who commit crimes and also happen to be homeless? Hmmmmmm?


@4 Indeed. Thanks for making me laugh.


Again, I reference the first link where homeless advocates are pushing for police NOT to enforce low-level crimes. Has it happened yet? No. But since it's in the talks and the city seems to always buckle to the whim of homeless advocates, it very well just might. What don't you get about this?

All I know is the government has spent millions in taxpayer dollars cleaning up homeless camps over the years. Clearing out piles of garbage, removing piles of stripped bike frames, picking up tens of thousands of discarded needles (, and yet they always give the homeless notices and a time frame to leave the camp.

How many times has the camp underneath the Halsey overpass been cleared out? I never see any homeless getting arrested, just ODOT YET AGAIN spending taxpayer money to remove the filth left behind. The campers move across the street and set up camp behind the hotel, only to move back underneath the overpass to camp there for a few weeks before ODOT posts another eviction notice. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Or how about the large encampment on the plot of land on the southeast side of the 205 and Division? Numerous campers set up tents, trash the place, ODOT posts an eviction notice, the campers eventually leave and YET AGAIN ODOT spends taxpayer dollars to clean up the property. About a week passes and viola! The campers return with no fear of being cited or arrested for trespassing, drug use, drug dealing, illegal dumping, defecating and urinating in public. All I know is if I, as a working class homeowner did ANY of those things, I would be ticketed or arrested.

I'm not understanding what your gripe about my fact-based comment is? You just don't like people who have issues with the bad actors in the homeless community? Is that it?


Wow. The above is pretty similar to a NextDoor thread, actually, just in hyper-drive.

Which was really my only point: the platform itself isn't the problem.


Doug, I believe people are reacting to your taking one brief mention in the OP out of context and turning it into your soapbox. I makes it pretty clear you've got a hard-on about homelessness and will not come off that soapbox willingly.


I love how no one can counter my points, but simply engage in insults and name-calling. Typical extremist behavior... whether you're a right-wing or a left-wing extremist.

Guess you can't really have a debate with people so out of touch with reality.