New world order, a thousand points of light


If anything it should speak to how narcissistic that family is when you read the headline "George Bush's funeral enters day 3...." The guy was ninety fucking four years old and not a good president.


It's pretty typical of this country to fuck over everyone else for one wealthy white guy (even if he is dead).


Get a bank account any reasonable system will do a direct deposit. If you rely on USPS for legal documents well that's your bad luck, any one with a neuron uses FEDEX and UPS for urgent deliveries. Because if it's that urgent, USPS isn't the delivery system of choice.


He was the president. Doesn't really matter if he you liked him or not. I mean, I didn't really care for him, but that's not the point. It's protocol. If you would like the country's presidential funeral system to change I would suggest getting over yourself, cause no one gives a shit what you think.


Hey dummy, the post office has shut down for every single president that has died this century. It's unnerving for the workers too, because just as with every holiday that happens, that means the carriers and clerks are processing two days of mail.




"And the George Bush funeral extravaganza enters day 10 with an embalming ceremony..."


You will live.


Not just him, it also took a week to get that scumbag McCain into the ground. I tried to watch weather and traffic reports in the morning and instead was faced with all these people crying over a piece of shit, and he was only a senator.


I'm partying for 10 days straight when Pat Robertson kicks the bucket.