The Downward Spiral Has Begun...



Well for one, sitting in front of a computer writing IA posts is not good for your health and well being. :)


and I say that as someone who has to sit in a chair almost all of my waking hours and is in front of a computer way, way too many hours in any given day.


Go vegan. Start running. That will change your life.


People say "take care of yourself" so much that it has lost it's meaning. It's actually one of the hardest things to really do. Try to remember that getting started is the tough part, once you get going its always awesome. Good luck! Remember success is about getting up one more time than you fall.


Might be seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Kicks in in late fall. Shorter days, less sunlight. It's a form of depression.


Stay true to a diet you’re fine with, kale and quinoa aren’t the answers to all life’s problems. But don’t give up.


"Then, for some reason, I lost all motivation. I'm not sure what it is, but I no longer have the desire to work out. I no longer care about my diet... or even my health. I've even taken to drinking whiskey on a nightly basis again. I'm even considering finding some coke... again."

It's not just you -- it's nearly everyone in the USofA.
But, if you can just hang on for a little while longer --
Looks like little Donny Trumpfy's about to be Impeached.

The sun WILL come back out and if it happens to hit our Prez, he may melt, but that isn't likely.

However, there's soon to be a new Sheriff in town -- the Dems are gonna are take over half of Congress and Trumpfy's either gonna hafta clean up his vile Act, or get outta Dodge.

Our Nightmare in DC's about to end.
There's still Hope.

Good luck!




I can relate in a couple of ways. As a person who has bounced up and down with my weight all my life, I hear you friend. I am coming to grasp that I am not defined by my body and dieting is not the answer. Though I have heard this many, many times, it is finally dawning on me that exercise and sensible eating is the solution. Denying and restricting food leads to binging which leads to weight gain which leads to dieting again. It’s a disheartening cycle. Not all of us are meant to be thin or buff though our culture tends to value those body types. I say find yourself a good nutritionist who can help you find your ideal body weight. Then you can focus on other things that bring pleasure and happiness to your life. Please don’t give up on yourself.