It is like some underlying unconscious doubt about how we feel about the other person we're talking to, I've been plagued by awkward goodbyes on the tellyphone for YEARS and it is one of the banes of the modern world. Sometimes they go off really smoothly, whether because of my charming (or insane) personality (as long as I feel good saying bye in a ridiculous fashion then that is all that matters), or less often because the other person (usually my mom or one of my goodlyest friends) is nothing but sincerity during this tellyphone call- BUT MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, it's always like - "ehhhhhh h h hhhhh . . .. bye" " bye (hint of dislike)" "Ok. Bye." etc. I don't know. It's weird. I know it may seem that this is merely a trivial matter, BUT IT'S NOT. It's kind of like the underlying cordiality that is expressed through the rest of the phone call suddenly TAKES OFF ITS MASK in the goodbyes and reveals how we are these uncaring CANNIBALS on the inside WHO JUST WANT TO HANG UP!!! But we don't want to be cannibals??!!