To the jerk-off wearing the NY Yankees ball cap walking his Poodle. I merely tried to be courteous and respectfully ask that you let me pass with my dog who is highly aggressive, but instead you came at me hostilely spewing hatred and discontent accusing me of taking up your time and taking over your sidewalk. I'm sure you were in a hurry to get to some God-awful holiday party where you intended to shove gobs of disgusting food down your fat throat and belittle those around you. When you walk around town wearing that emblem on your cap - "NY", people associate your terrible behavior with the entirety of NYC, and people everywhere in this city will associate the rest of us New Yorkers with the type of douche-bag that you are. If you were to practice just one billionth of an ounce of patience and common courtesy in your life, then maybe in a million years you'll be a hair less of a cock sucker than you are. I should have just kept walking and let my dog take out your lame Poodle. Man up and get a real dog.