Do you really not hear that ? Because I hear it more and more everywhere I go, and I'm getting pretty sick off it. In fact, if I'm sitting at your bar or dining room to enjoy a craft cocktail or a pretentious small plate and I have to endure the sound of the kitchen radio against the front if the house soundtrack I WILL NOT BE BACK. What the fuck ? Was "and we'll have whatever crappy music the line cook listens to coming from the kitchen" part of your dream when you came up with your concept ? Turn off the kitchen radio. Is your health department rating excellent? No? Turn off the kitchen radio. And clean your fucking kitchen. Is your food 5 star rated? No? Turn off the kitchen radio. And learn how to cook. Want to be a DJ ? Go intern at a radio station. I will not pay to sit in the front of the house and be assaulted by dueling playlists. Hey, FOH managers, pull your head out of your ass and hear the music.