We didn't even know our phones could do that. EXTREME alert! Shit!!!
One phone even started alerting us in a fucking English accent that we'd never heard before.
Run out of bed- dozily see flashing across the screen "EXTREME ALERT!"
Oh fuck.
Oh fuck.
We thought it was the big one, or a terrorist attack, or something like that.
We were scared shitless.

Reading the small print- no, it was fucking Washington.
Their 911 systems were down.
a) we are as far south in Portland as you can get while still being in "Portland". WTG with that advanced technology.
b) even so, does that really merit the "EXTREME" level???

I mean, yes, 911 is critical infrastructure. But if it was just a regular bullshit alert, I'd still see it as soon as I grabbed the phone to call 911. In fact, it would be more convenient that way, because I could just tap on the number they offered in replacement of 911. As it was- once the popup went away (and my first priority was just making it go away to make it stop blowing up), I have no idea how to get that info back. I doubt most people do.

Washington, you already give us so much, from your fascist LARPers to your casual tax dodgers. We don't also need you giving us heart attacks when every mobile device in the county goes off at once.