What Hotspot?!



I guess it's good that people aren't panicking, but that's always a good thing, right?

Even if the measles is no more severe or communicable than the common cold, it still causes million$ in lost productivity and high stress for parents with sick children who maybe can't just take the day off, and it just fucking sucks to have it. But unlike the common cold, WE HAVE A SAFE AND PROVEN VACCINE! No one is grabbing a pitchfork and blaming unvaccinated kids, because it isn't their fault that their idiot parents didn't get them vaccinated.

Diseases don't need apologists now too, do they? Jesus, people, if you consistently find yourself arguing to "see the other side" of racists, misogynists, hypocrites, insert -phobe here, white men, and PREVENTABLE DISEASES, maybe you want to reconsider.