Every morning and evening, I commute to and from work on the bus to downtown. Non-disabled, 20 and 30 year olds wearing ear buds, headphones and/or watching their cellphones are totally oblivious to anything but the virtual bubble they're in. They have less than zero fucks to give for others. For example, until someone asks them, many of the shitheads standing in the aisles don't realize they need to move their asses to the back of the bus so others can get on the bus, too. Younger, able-bodied fucktards sitting in the very front seats don't give them up to those who truly need them, either. This morning, the bus was packed, we were at full capacity with people standing front to the very back. The seats for the elderly and disabled were occupied by: 1) A young male/female couple who looked like they were coming down from heroin, sleeping against each other 2) A 20-something year old female wearing headphones 3) A fat-ass dude manspreading and 4) An old guy who rightfully was seated there. I was in a seat about 1-2 rows in from the front bench seats. An older woman entered the bus and although she appeared able-bodied, I noticed she was trembling. NO ONE in the front seats even glanced up, they were too fixated on their phones. I offered my seat and the shaky woman accepted gratefully. Is this a Millenial thing, a Trump affected world thing, a Portland thing, a technology addiction thing? I don't know, but people need to be aware of their effect on others: UNPLUG and WAKE THE FUCK UP.