Hey Mister! Don’t want a girl as President? Gotta have balls for that job, hey?

Women today fly our planes, command our warships, operate on our brains and spines and eyes. They sit in the silos that launch nuclear missiles. They sit in trenches in far-off countries protecting your lazy he-man ass. They die in combat. They sit in governors’ offices and Senate offices and the US Congress. They are executives of corporations and heads of labor unions. They flew and died in space and will likely walk on Mars.

Don’t like it? Ok, everyone’s entitled to their biases. Therefore, when you have your obesity -driven coronary, if the ER cardiologist is female tell her to get lost: you want a man. If it’s a woman driving the ambulance, tell her to let the man drive. If your wife or daughter is ever raped, tell them you want a male nurse to do the swab and a male social worker to hear her story. And of course only male cops to investigate.
Speaking of daughters, make sure you tell yours that as soon as she starts menstruating she should drop out of school and get pregnant. I figure you figure that should be every father’s goal.
Don’t think for a second Kamala or Kirsten or Elizabeth or Niki or Stacy or Tulsi isn’t qualified to be your President. Women have been heads of state for centuries. Queen of England mean anything to you? Queen of Egypt? Queen of The Netherlands? Queens and Premiers and Presidents.
There are a million reasons to vote for someone and a million reasons not to. Gender is not one of them.