Women's Work



i've had enough. i'm done with politics. "don't follow leaders, watch your parking meters" never rang more true than it does today.


What I don't get about believing a woman can't do something is they not only make up half the population, but there literally would BE NO POPULATION if women didn't exist! And fuck the daughters/mothers/sisters argument, women are to be valued as human being simply because they are human beings with value not because of any relationship they have, blood related or otherwise, with men. And finally, in this country at least, men have been in charge since the beginning and I'd hardly call the shit show we are currently in a any kind of success.

And I'm sick to death of men trying to force women to give birth, murdering them for everything from saying "no thanks" when offered a drink to "why get a divorce when murdering my wife and daughters is a much easier solution to my problem" and every possible scenario in between (in which women can never win no matter what they do). I'm tired of reading stories about men who rape infants and girls and boys and women and men. Sick to death of the boys will be boys trope that only applies to white men who commit heinous atrocities against other human beings. I'm tired of teenage girls being stolen by men who hold them hostage and rape them and keep them as sexual slaves while all of the neighbors around these men say "we never would have imagined he had three women kept captive in his home for decades" and other stupid shit. I'm tired of reading about men killing as many people as possible because women they want won't fuck them or whatever other fucked up reason they have for gunning people down like they're playing some sort of video game of slaughter.

I'm tired of the resident in the White House, a rapist, a proud sexual assaulter, a vile pig who declared "women, you've got to treat them like shit," who has stated repeatedly he wants to fuck his own daughter, and who has said the nastiest things about any and every woman in any position of power to "put them in their place" because somehow his 1/2 inch penis (and his white, colored orange, skin) somehow makes him a superior human being. People in this country, men AND women, actually cast a vote for this vile shit bag.

I'm even tired of Netflix prompting me to watch "The Ted Bundy Tapes" like I want to watch anything about a serial killer who not only murdered women but fucked their dead bodies, repeatedly, after he killed him. Yeah that sounds like great entertainment to me.

But god forbid I be sick to fucking death of all of this. I'm just a man hating cunt, right? Men don't deserve the bad rap they get. Women do horrific shit, too (yes, yes they do, but not even close to the extent and variance that men do, it's simply motherfucking math).

On any given day, depending on the news, I am hanging onto any sanity I may have had by a fucking fraying thread. But please, post a comment in response here, telling me what a hateful piece of shit I AM and how I just need to relax.


No lies detected.


@CR, you claim you're tired of watching all "this shit", but you clearly watch it so much that Netflix is recommending the Ted Bundy tapes to you. I usually agree with most of what you write, but your toxic vitriol and often misplaced rage makes you very hard to listen to or even relate to. More often than not, you steer the conversation way off topic in order to carry it in a super dark direction. If leaders like MLK and others had spent so much of their time screaming bloody murder at the top of their lungs no one would have listened to them, and we would not have made the progress that we have. Find a more productive way to speak your truth because honestly you are losing people.