So, your trailer is your home. You're so carefree. You can drive your home to any residential street, and take residence for a few days. You leave garbage on the street.
But, but, but, you walk into someone's driveway, take a few cement blocks for your purposes. Then, when the actual person who lives at the house where you took the cement blocks realizes, "hey where did those cement block go?" They remember seeing them on the street where your trailer was parked.
But hey, "on the road again." You're gone so you just leave the cement blocks on the street now that they've served your needs.
Hey, no need to return them.
Hey, no need to even ask if you can use them. Just come on right up to the front door. Maybe park your chair on the porch, drink a beer, have a smoke, next time.
Hey, maybe next time, just come take a shower using my spigot.

You're an amazing person. This is why I hate all of you because of YOU.