Do you think the grocery store is the BEST place to train your fucking kids? Yes I say train as your disgusting and snotty offspring are behaving like wild dogs in Fred Meyer and you don't even have the common courtesy to put a child leash on them.
I am so sick and tired of you people who think bringing your entire brood to the grocery store is a great idea. IT IS NOT!
Make a list like a normal person and stop wandering the aisles aimlessly. And if you must bring those germy lil dicks with you, put some fucking real clothes on them (versus the pajamas they are wearing at 5:15 pm). May I suggest having a stern (frightening) talk with them about the appropriate way to handle oneself in public? Please, for the love of gawd or whatever other religious icon you wish to cite, swiftly gather you groceries and get the fuck out there! If anything else, get your damn kid out of my way!