Co-workers 'A' & 'M' went on a couple dates. Then A put the kybosh on things, which is fine, but also began repeated hostile episodes towards M in the workplace, often noticed by other co-workers.

After several weeks of on-and-off hostilities, M feared interactions with A and started counseling to cope with the hostilities. M was advised to minimize unnecessary contact beyond simple greetings.

In response, A became angrier with more hostilities, often noticed by co-workers. M then suspected A might be suffering extreme jealousy since finding out M has friends (though only friends) of the opposite sex. M felt bad, tried everything from pouring M's heart out (dumb-ass M, but ignored by A) to backing-off and saying no more than 'hello'. This again angered A causing more hostilities, which A refused to acknowledge or explain.

After a YEAR of A's on-and-off hostilities, M was desperate to end the 'persecution games' and asked A to either a) remove the kybosh if that's the issue (stupid M), b) commit to being civil and stop the hostilities, or c) worst case avoid unnecessary contact going forward. Again A denied the hostilities, not even agreeing to try to be civil, and started bad-mouthing M to co-workers. M then believed A was unable to control A's hatred and hostility, and that it may never end. M began tuning-out and ignoring A, waiting until A can at least commit to being civil (yeah, like that's gonna happen).

YEARS go by. They have work-related conversations, but otherwise M STILL instinctively tunes-out A for fear of triggering hostilities. Is M a super-wus or what? Meanwhile, A STILL refuses to commit to being civil or otherwise resolve things. Who does that? Is A schizo or just sadistic?

Two very f'd-up people.