I can't stand people who invent non-existent "cultural things" and keep going with them even though they're stupid.

Case in point: Village Voice insists that there's this whole category of "music" or "style" whatever, that dates from as far back as the early 80's, when MAYBE it would have made for one or two opinion pieces worth reading,... Yes, I'm referring to their insistence that there's such as thing as "Pazz n Jop",... Year after year after year they go on and on and on about this annoyingly named "thing" that they concocted, NO ONE ELSE ever refers to it, unless of course they have to because they want to reference something from one of the Voices' goofy pieces on contemporary music(?) that somehow is relevant to what they were discussing in 1984,.... Somehow, according to them, there's been this on going "genre" simply because they say so. Well they're WRONG. First off, it's a stupid name I would be embarrassed to admit in public I ever came up with; Secondly, FIGURE OUT SOMETHING ELSE TO WRITE ABOUT for crying out loud! You're in the "Village" aren't you? Isn't there a whole bunch of "culture" all around you that you could actually I don't know, REPORT on?