To the entitled woman who demanded my café have a gluten free menu, please just die already. 1 percent of the ENTIRE U.S.A. population has Celiac disease. Your gluten “allergy” that you self diagnosed doesn’t warrant adjusting my business to suit you and your attention seeking way of life. My business model is doing JUST FINE thank you, and I don’t need to chase some fad diet of a bunch of hypochondriacs, to add to my business. Celiac disease, wheat allergies, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity are the 3 gluten focused illnesses affected by gluten and those are diagnosed by a real doctor. Not some dipshit at the co-op, or a blog you read as you looked for an excuse to not go to a real doctor lacking a yoga name. So saying you have an “allergy” is bullshit. The world doesn’t stop because you self diagnosed from a blog. Don’t like it? I don’t need your business. I’m doing just fine without you, and also was killing it before the fad began. There are plenty of people and places to eat who are more than happy to cater to your paranoia, I’m not one of them, and gladly so.