I recently had a harrowing experience at my local 7/11 store. And yes I am probably being over sensitive about it attributed to quitting alcohol and drugs ten years ago and having very little drama in my life now to keep me in practice for life's little challenges. This along with hundreds if not thousands of AA Meetings I have attended during my tenure keeps me serene and simple stupid ! But yesterday at the 7/11 I was faced with a formidable test which would reveal the scope of my enlightenment. The horror of spilling my full cup of coffee on the counter top by the register was almost too much for the salesperson to bare. After frantically running around with a full roll of paper towels she began releasing it's entire contents all over the counter and floor. I earnestly apologized and offered to help her with the expansive clean up, these were her only words : "JUST GET OUT" !!!. After hearing her caustic reply guess what I found again? That's right my EGO. I literally put myself through mental hell for the next few minutes to maintain my inner peace and not retaliate with a toxic remark of my own. I'm pleased to say I succeeded and enjoyed the rest of my day in AA bliss. After refilling my cup and trying to stop the bleeding due to biting my lip so hard I drove away a happy person. I did think about this slightly traumatic incident way too long and much too hard, however. Hey, progress not perfection. Signed, One happy caffeine addict.