Dear Portland Native





Meanwhile, Bud Clark? From Idaho. The Wipers? Guys from L.A. Colin Meloy and Issac Brock? From Montana. Fred Cole? From Tacoma. Esperanza Spalding? Went to Berklee and teaches at Harvard now. Matt Groening? Lives in Santa Monica now. The Dandy Warhols and James Beard aren't the rule: They're the exceptions.


People move all the time, and other cities aren’t nearly as caught up in this nativist bullshit. <



@6 Agreed but the PM keeps posting the submissions. Maybe an appeal to the powers that be?


Does nativity begin at conception? If I was conceived in another state, but born in Portland (and have lived here all my life), does that make me a transplant?

In all seriousness though... I'm with the other responses. Let it go already.


Weather the rant is pro nativist or pro transplant, it always sounds the same to me: (Trump voice) "blah blah blah, bitch moan, me me me, BTW I have no life and that's why I spend all of my time rewriting the same IA rant over and over again."

Also, I think the term "vaginal expulsion" is a little bit harsh when describing the miracle of human life: (Dr. Evil voice) "I just don't think that's something that one dude should say to another dude....yea." Just because you are disappointed with your own human experience doesn't mean you get to be jaded about the entirety of humanity. Some of us actually enjoy life.


Hey OP sorry you can't get laid. It's your personality.