Let's see: You wrote a transphobic cover story for a national publication, have gone to bat for a coffee shop in Portland that blames abuse and assault victims, and now you're mad about the story of a beating here in Portland because a writer and editor dared to protect their sources. You live in a place nearly 3,000 miles away, rarely set foot here, and are as close to us as you are to certain Latin American countries (and to Greenland, apparently). What purpose do you serve? Did your time in journalism school feature a professor who told you to "comfort the comforted and afflict the afflicted?" Do you know how the actual adage goes? It's bad enough that the Broken Intellect Society has deemed it necessary to send an editor to PSU and to put an opportunistic author at the head of a local coffee chain, but do we now need you actively targeting vulnerable populations here? Your pals here already do so, but the Andy and Nancy show hasn't left much room for a third.